Thursday, 5 April 2018

First in Finland, Transgender Men Birth

Ben Pengetauan ,CNN Indonesia | Thursday, 05/04/2018 20:36 WIB
A woman who has undergone hormonal therapy became the first transgender man in Finland who gave birth to a baby weighing nearly four kilograms, Wednesday (4/4). (Thinkstock / Korawig)
 A woman who has undergone hormonal therapy became the first transgender man in Finland who gave birth to a baby weighing nearly four kilograms, Wednesday (4/4). The birth sparked controversy because Finland's law requires infertility as a requirement to change gender.
"The baby weighs nearly four kilograms, almost 53 centimeters (at birth)," said the transgender man who did not want to be named, for family privacy quoted by Finnish media Lannen Media two weeks after giving birth.
The 30-year-old transgender man has changed gender legally, from women to men by 2015 after years of testosterone therapy.
But she decides to cancel a sex-change operation to complete her male transition, before trying to conceive with her husband.
Under Finnish law for hormone therapy, one must prove that they are 'infertile' in order to be able to legally change the sex of the law from woman to man.

In practice, the Finnish medical community considered their transgender patients sterile after long-term testosterone therapy.
However, fertility rates sometimes recover when hormonal therapy is delayed.
The case was an exception because the couple living in Helsinki decided to suspend hormonal treatment. After a year, the man returns to menstruation.
"Do I want people to dictate what I can do with my body and life? Nothing can stop me, I'm a free man," the man said in an interview with Finnish media Helsingin Sanomat while pregnant.
Call Dad
Finland is the only Nordic country that requires infertility for anyone who wants to change sex by law. The condition has sparked criticism from human rights activists in recent years.

Even so, the apparatus was flexible to the first transgender male pregnancy, giving a sabbatical as a father.
Doctors are not sure how previous hormonal treatments affect pregnancy. But everything goes normal and birth is slower than the set date.
"The last few weeks are pretty painful and I'm running out of patience, but the birth is going well," the man told Lannen Media.
She wants the baby, whose sex is not disclosed, calls her father.
The couple plans to raise the child with a neutral gender.

Birth is not the first time in the world, but transgender male pregnancy is still rare.
In 2008, a United States man who was born female before a sex-change operation gave birth to a baby girl.
Thomas Beatie, who is legally male but decides to keep his sexual organs during chest reconstruction and testosterone therapy.
The United States mass media reported that the transgender man gave birth to two more children in the next two years.

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