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Observer: 'Big zero, completion of murder and kidnapping of 1998'

 May 22, 2018
Ben Pengetauan
The government itself said the 1998 cases continue to be handled by the relevant institutions.Those who are pessimistic about the government's commitment to solve the 1998 case are Suciwati, human rights activist and wife of activist Munir.He saw the government of Joko Widodo record a great zero achievement."The most important thing is law enforcement and human rights, it is still ragged today, and some important things, it should be in the sense of law and human rights enforcement, about the victims who have been there, it is zero, zero, because there is no even a case of past human rights violations, starting 98 it has not been settled by the state, "said Suciwati.To encourage the settlement of the Suciwati case and a number of human rights activists participated in the 'Kamisan', a protest held in front of the Merdeka Palace due to the unfinished human rights cases.

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 The government said it was in talks with various parties.But Jaleswari Pramodhawardani, Deputy V for Political, Legal, Security and Human Rights at the Office of the Presidential Staff (KSP) acknowledged this effort is still constrained by evidence."The KSP also talks with friends in NGOs, in Komnas Ham, Komnas Perempuan, but to this day we have not yet come to say how the operationalization for the mechanism is what it has not."Because of the evidence, because it has been going on for a long time, because we also coordinate with several other related agencies or ministries, one of the obstacles as well.But that it becomes the concern of the president, it is still we run.But the impression is slow especially indeed about the evidence, "explains Jaleswari.So far, the establishment of fact-finding teams, parliamentary talks and the ratification of conventions has been made, but a number of parties are looking at the figures involved in power, it will be difficult to do so.The House of Representatives views, not only those responsible for following up the murder and kidnapping cases.


So what should the state do to solve various cases of murder and kidnapping 1998?One of them is indeed through the judicial process. But if viewed from the track record for tens of years, activists Suciwati pessimistic human rights violations will be completed."They do not do for law enforcement, instead of finding the kidnapped people and there is no recognition to the people, there is a lot of talk in the media, but they do not give an example of that honorific name to the Indonesian people in court, Suciwati said.Munir died on 7 September 2004 on a flight with Garuda Indonesia plane from Jakarta to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The autopsy finds that human rights activists died from arsenic poisoning.Settlement of murder, kidnapping and disappearance cases is expected to remain discouraged considering that in 2019 Indonesia will face presidential election. The House of Representatives considers all parties to be involved in completing it."Of course, the agreement of the parties, the enforcement of the law on the institution that can be mentioned in connection with this issue, Komnasham, the Attorney, of course in the existing government if it makes this a priority," said Akbar Faizal of Nasdem who is part of Jokowi .

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Reformasi 20 years ago and a number of steps back democracy IndonesiaUnder the administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, this issue has been brought to parliament.The DPR urges the government to seek immediate disappearances, establish ad hoc human rights courts, provide compensation to victims and families, and ratify the UN convention on the protection of disappearances.So far there has been no follow-up from the government Jokowi related to the proposal of the House. Observers from the Conflict and Peace Research Network, Hermawan Sulistyo pessimistic will be taken concrete steps."Not able to do anything, just like his government Mega, his government SBY.All the same, because what? The faces of the New Order walls are still strong, still strong, the perpetrators are still the same. not being punished. "The fired soldier is still in the pension service until the general," said Hermawan.A number of figures considered to have been involved in human rights abuses and still politics are currently General Chairperson Gerindra Prabowo Subianto and Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto.Both in various occasions assert innocence.

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