Sunday, 20 August 2017

First Serie A Weekends Reach Results For AC Milan and Inter Milan

Benny Syahputra, - 21/08/2017, 04:27 WIB - Positive results achieved two teams from Town Mode, AC Milandan Inter Milan. In the first week of Serie A match on Sunday (20/08/2017) or Monday early morning WIB, both teams reap the result of a landslide victory 3-0.Bertanding at the Crotone Ezio Scide Stadium, AC Milan appear to dominate the host. They have a ball possession of 80.1 percent because Crotone played with 10 players from the fifth minute. Fetcher Ceccherini was red-carded referee - after seeing the video - because Patrick Cutrone's dress was pulled in the forbidden box. The penalty was executed well by Franck Kessie. The second and third bundles of AC Milan were created thanks to the action of Cutrone and Suso cooperation. In the 18th minute, Cutrone continued crossing Suso with a header to double the AC Milan victory. Six minutes later, it was Cutrone's turn to be AC Milan's third goal scorer by Suso. Score 3-0 in the first half was unchanged until the fight was over.

In the match at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Mauro Icardi performed brilliantly by scoring two goals and ushering Inter Milan a landslide victory over Fiorentina.

Like AC Milan, Inter Milan also got a penalty at the beginning of the game after Davide Astori breaking Icard in the sixth minute. Icardi himself who runs the task as executor.

Nine minutes later, the army of Luciano Spalletti was able to double the advantage. Instead of Ivan Perisic's cross from the left side of Fiorentina's defense, Icardi steadily let off a measured header.

Eleven minutes before normal time runs out, Inter were able to widen the advantage to 3-0 after Ivan Perisic converted a mature pass by Joao Mario with a header.

This identical victory makes AC Milan and Inter Milan both topped the standings of the first week of Serie A together with Juventus who also won 3-0 over Cagliari

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Composition Players Persija Vs PSM: Reinaldo Starter

Ben Pengetauan

Persija Jakarta host PSM Makassar at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Tuesday (15/08/2017) in advanced Liga 1. Macan Kemayoran directly lower striker Anyarnya, Reinaldo Da Costa since the early minutes.

As is known, Reinaldo previously played for PSM in the first round. In the party against Persiba, Reinaldo has scored one goal for Persija.
On the other hand, Coach Persija, Stefano Teco plays Vava Yagalo as a right-back and Michael Orah as a left back. They were relegated to replace two main defenders Persija, Ismed Sofyan, and Rezaldi Hehanusa are absent.

Meanwhile, PSM performed without two players flagship, Titus Bonai and Rizky Pellu. Both are absent due to card accumulation.

Ranking, PSM is better than Persija. Tim Juku Eja is ranked fourth while Persija occupies the position
Composition of Players:

Persija: Andritany, Maman, Michael Orah, Vava Mario, Willian Pacheco, Novri Setiawan, Ramdani Lestaluhu, Rohit Chan, Sandi, Bruno Silva, Reinaldo Da Costa.

PSM: Rivky Mokodompit, Hamka Hamzah, Reva Adi, Steven Renaud, Zulkifli Sukur, Arfan, Marc Klok, Ridwan Tawainela, Willem Pluim, Ferdinan Sinaga, M. Rahmat

PHOTO: The 'Cekik' Crisis of Dozens of Infants in India

Seorang wanita India tengah merawat putranya di bangsal encephalitis di rumah sakit Baba Raghav Das di Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Rumah sakit tersebut kini tengah kekurangan suplai tabung oksigen yang berimbas kematian puluhan bayi dan balita. (AFP PHOTO / SANJAY KANOJIA)

Monday, 14 August 2017

Formula Milk Can not Replace ASI

Monday, 14/08/2017 20:35 WIB

The first week of August the world celebrates the world's milk week from 1 to 7 August. Mothers are advised to give exclusive breastfeeding to their babies until the baby is six months old. After that, then the baby is given MP ASI or breastfeeding food.

Chairman of the Association of Perinatology Indonesia (PERINASIA), Ali Sungkar said breast milk coating required a baby for the formation of the immune system. Formula milk does have the nutrients that a baby needs, but not all nutrients can provide formula milk.

"There is no formula milk can not be replaced, ASI is the best," Ali said on the sidelines of the celebration of World Breastfeeding Week in South Jakarta (1/8).

In the breast milk, he said, contained many benefits, including antibodies, hormones, anti-viral, anti-allergy, anti-parasite, growth factors, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, fat, DHA / ARA, carbohydrates, protein, and water.

While infant formula contains only a few properties, such as minerals, vitamins, fats, DHA / ARA, carbohydrates, proteins, and water.

Maybe some mothers can not provide exclusive breastfeeding for their babies because of various factors. Ali notes that there are some obstacles to support breastfeeding, among others, the lack of widespread support from the environment, the promotion of widespread infant formula, working mothers and media that broadcasts that bottle feeding is normal.

"The presence of breastfeeding donors also helps, but it is not recommended that babies be breastfed with bottles, babies will confuse the nipples, do not use pacifiers," he said.

Breastfeeding, in addition to good for the baby, is also good for the mother. There may be mothers who pay more attention to the appearance of postpartum. Breastfeeding can be a solution to lose weight. Ali explains, research proves that exclusive breastfeeding can lose weight 450 grams per week.

"It is with the record, mothers have additional fluid intake up to 900cc," added Ali.

In addition, breastfeeding also lowers the risk of various diseases, including breast cancer and ovarian or ovarian cancer

For Hajj, Egypt Open the Border with the Gaza Strip

Monday, 14/08/2017 20:35 WIB

Egypt reopens its border with the Gaza Strip on Monday for the first time in months, to ease pilgrims from blockaded Palestinian enclaves.
Jemaah haji tiba di Perbatasan Rafah antara Jalur Gaza dan Mesir, Senin (14/8). (AFP PHOTO / SAID KHATIB)
"The border re-opened one way from today for four days, to 2500 pilgrims," ​​said Hisham Adwan, Director of Border Information of the Hamas Interior Ministry.

"About 800 Hajj jocks will cross the Gaza Strip today," Adwan added, adding that the entire congregation has received a Saudi Arabian visa.

The Rafah border between Egypt and Palestine has been closed for the last few years and only opened in case of a special occurrence.

On the other hand, Israel has also continued to tighten its guard in the region over the last ten years, in order to prevent the movement of Hamas groups controlling Gaza.

Egypt is the only country with a land border with Gaza. On the other hand, the Egyptian government also often accused Hamas of supporting the movement of militant factions in the country.

But over the past few months, Hamas has approached the Egyptian government and asked that the Rafah frontier be opened partially from next month.

One of the Palestinian pilgrims told AFP he was very grateful that the Rafah border was reopened. "I have waited three years to be able to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca," he said.

Turkish police killed in suspected ISIS terrorist suspect

Monday, 14/08/2017 23:05 WIB

A policeman was killed by a suspected ISIS suspect on Sunday night for planning a suicide attack in the country some time ago.Pelaku penembakan akhirnya ditembak mati oleh polisi. (REUTERS/Umit Bektas

The stabbing was reported at around 2300 local time when the perpetrator was driven out of a patrol car to be taken to the nearest police station, according to the Dogan private news agency.

Meanwhile, the Turkish government news agency Anadolu, as quoted by AFP, reported the perpetrators were later shot dead by police.

The police were also reportedly killed at the scene of a gunshot wound he suffered.

Until now, it is not clear how the perpetrator can save a knife while in police security.

The Turkish authorities are intensifying terrorist raids in the country following a series of acts of terror that have occurred over the past few years and killed hundreds of people.

Reported by AFP, the administration of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blamed the ISIS and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) rebel groups against the terror acts that plagued the country over the years.

Ankara has detained more than 5,000 ISIS suspects and deported 3,290 foreign militants from 95 countries in recent years.

Last month, anti-terror police arrested dozens of ISIS members in Istanbul, some of whom were reportedly planning "sensational terror attacks," according to Turkish authorities.

Johannes Marliem Killed, KPK Confirms E-KTP Case Continued Road

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) did not heed the request of Vice Speaker of the House Fahri Hamzah who requested anti-allegations agency to stop the investigation of corruption case procurement project e-ID card following the death of witness Johannes Marliem.
Jonathan Marliem's death will not stop the KPK in investigating the corruption case of e-ID procurement project. (Screenshot via Facebook / @ Johannes Marliem)
KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah confirmed the ongoing investigation to uncover e-KTP cases estimated to cost the state up to Rp2.3 trillion.

"The e-ID card case will continue, even today we are starting to indict Andi Agustinus in the Corruption Court," said KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah when confirmed by short message on Monday (14/8).

Febri said, the investigation process of the case that has ensnared five people as a suspect was not disturbed even one of the witnesses died. The reason, KPK already has a lot of evidence in investigating the project worth Rp5, 9 trillion.

"The evidence that the KPK has had from the very beginning when it is improving someone is strong, there is enough proof of beginning, or at least two evidences," he said.

So far, Febri said, Antirasuah agencies still handle two people, namely Chairman of the House Setya Novanto and members of the House of Representatives of Golkar Faction Markus Nari in the investigation stage. A number of witnesses have been questioned for the two suspects.

"There are two suspects also being processed," he said.

Fahri previously stated that the alleged corruption case of e-KTP procurement project should be stopped because the key witness of the case, Johannes Marliem, died.

According to Fahri, key witnesses are the determinants of a case may continue or not. If a key witness disappears, he says, a case must be stopped.

"He said (Johannes) a key witness, if lost the case is also lost dong," said Fahri at the Parliament Building, Jakarta.

Johannes Marliem is a provider of automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) to the consortium of e-ID card projectors. He also called receiving hot money e-ID card for US $ 14.8 million and Rp25, 2 billion.

BURT DPR Insists on Budget Increase Rp7, 2 Trillion

Household Affairs Agency (BURT) DPR is optimistic that the budget of the Council for Revenue and Expenditure Budget (RAPBN) 2018 can return to the initial proposal of Rp7, 2 trillion.
  Household House of Representatives wants budget increase to Rp7.2 trillion. (BETWEEN PHOTOS / M Agung Rajasa)

Based on the agreement between BURT and the previous government, it was agreed to increase the budget of the council in 2018 by Rp5.7 trillion. The budget will be divided into two work units, namely the Board Working Unit amounting to Rp4 trillion and the Working Unit of the Secretariat General of the DPR amounting to Rp1.7 trillion.
Anton is reluctant to discuss further about the allocation of Rp500 billion for the construction of a new board member building. The chairman of BURT DPR Anton Sihombing claimed that the Rp5.7 trillion amount previously agreed could be re-adjusted to Rp7.2 trillion after President Joko Widodo submitted a financial note to the plenary session on Wednesday (16/8). ) Day after tomorrow.

"What we propose is Rp 7, 2 trillion.That's all the budget, already kesetjenan, DPR, it's all the needs.Yesterday, which granted Rp5, 7 trillion we will meet again again The government wants its House of Representatives keleleran," said Anton At the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Monday (14/8).

Anton said, of the total budget proposals amounting to Rp7, 2 trillion, approximately Rp500 billion of which are allocated for the construction of new buildings and parliament structuring project.

"Anyway we ask for the allocation of funds Rp7, 2 trillion for 2018," he said.

He added that the discussion on the budget of the new council will be done in the Budget Board of the House after the financial note was submitted by President Jokowi the day after.

Previously, Chairman of the House Banggar Aziz Syamsuddin claimed to still waiting for a copy of BURT and Kesetjenan DPR as the budget proposer. He said he did not know the allocation of budget additions, one of which is called for the arrangement of the DPR area.

Nevertheless, Aziz acknowledged that for the structuring of the DPR and the government had agreed on it one and a half years ago with a value of Rp564 billion.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Terpecer in Austrian MotoGP Qualifying, Rossi I'm Wrong

Movistar Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi had to settle for the start of the Austrian MotoGP race at Red Bull Ring Circuit, on August 13, 2017 from seventh position. Because, in the qualifying session he did not perform optimally.

Using soft type tires, Rossi made several mistakes. He also failed to spur his vehicle to reach maximum speed.

"Today I came out of first qualifying, because I did not drive well with soft tires, I made some mistakes, and I did not give the maximum speed," said Rossi, quoted from Crash.

Undergo the real race, tomorrow. The seven-time MotoGP world champion brought great determination. He wants to fix his bad performance today, promising to do his best.

"So I hope tomorrow I can fix it, to improve the harmonization with the motor, and also my body, I want to continue to be in the top 10," he added.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Supporters of White Supremacy Clashed in Charlottesville

The clashes took place in a white supremacist protest march in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. State police arrested protesters at the demonstration site.

Reported by CNN, Virginia state police via Twitter account claimed to have arrested an unspecified amount, beginning shortly after stating that the demonstration in Emancipation Park was unlicensed.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has declared a state of emergency in response to a state of unrest in a demonstration of "Unite the Right" on Saturday (12/8) in Charlottesville.

The video shows the riot-clad police standing shoulder to shoulder behind their shields. Some people seemed to be running away from the park.

City officials also declared a local emergency, which would allow local authorities to request additional resources if necessary, to respond to a clash.

Demonstrators clashed in the streets of Charlottesville ahead of white nationalist protests and other right wing groups. Demonstrators met counter-parties who gathered at the University of Virginia.

An empty hand battle erupted before the demonstration, which is expected to attract thousands of people. The row came hours after Friday night clashes between protesters carrying torches and counter-demonstrators.

The protests are the latest agenda that attracted white nationalists and right-wing activists from across the country to this Democratic-run college town. It happened after the city's decision to remove the Confederate symbols of the past.

At one point, dozens of white men wore helmets and wielded emergency shields shouting, "blood and earth!" While nearby, a group of other priests and counter-demonstrators, including activist and professor Harvard Cornel West, held hands, prayed and sang "This Little Light of Mine".
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The police are said to be going through a tough day, with more than 1,000 officers expected to be sent.

The Southern Poverty Law Center said the incident could attract as many as 2,000 to 6,000 people and may be the largest white supremacist encounter in decades in the United States. (Gear)

Marquez Grab Pole, Rossi Not on the Front Grid

BENPENGETAUAN,Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez won a pole in qualifying for the Austrian GP at Red Bull Ring Circuit on Saturday (12/8). Marquez managed to excel over Ducati duo, Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo.

Marquez became the fastest in the qualifying round with a record time of 1 minute 23.235 seconds. The Spaniard scored his best time in eight of his ten laps in qualifying.
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Marquez ahead 0.114 seconds over Dovizioso who was in second position. The leading grid is equipped by Lorenzo, who is 0.386 seconds adrift of Marquez's best time record.

Marc Marquez performed superbly in the qualifying round of the Austrian GP.Marc Marquez performed superbly in the qualifying round of the Austrian GP. (AFP PHOTO / Michal Cizek) Valentino Rossi, who last season started from second place, had to settle for the start of the third grid or seventh position in the race tomorrow, Sunday (13/8).

Rossi was in fourth position in the middle of the second qualifying. However, the position of The Doctor continues to sag after overtaken Lorenzo, Maverick Vinales, and last Johann Zarco.
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Pramac Ducati rider, Danilo Petrucci, managed to grab the fifth start behind Vinales. While Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda), Cal Crutchlow (LCR Honda), and Andrea Iannone (Suzuki) complete the formation of 10 front start in the Austrian GP.

Qualifying results of GP Austria:

1. M. MARQUEZ 1 minute 23.235 seconds
2. A. DOVIZIOSO +0.144 seconds
3. J. LORENZO +0.386 seconds
4. M. VINALES +0.519 seconds
5. D. PETRUCCI +0.545 seconds
6. J. ZARCO +0.644 seconds
7. V. ROSSI + 0.747 seconds
8. D. PEDROSA +0.750 seconds
9. C. CRUTCHLOW +0.789 seconds
10. A. IANNONE +0.950 sec (har)

Manchester City Reach Three Points from Brighton Promotion Team

Manchester City grabbed a convincing 2-0 win on a visit to Brighton & Hove Albion promotion team at Amex Stadium, Brighton, England on Saturday (12/8) local time.

Manchester City had trouble scoring in the first half. Despite dominating the game, but Sergio Aguero and his friends failed to score a goal advantage.

The slick appearance of Brighton goalkeeper Matthew Ryan also frustrated the City forward line. At least two golden opportunities owned by The Citizens successfully countered. Score a goalless draw colored the first half.

ManCity's strength as the Premier League elite team was unstoppable in the second half. Goals scored by Sergio Aguero and blunder defender Lewis Dunk ensured the visitors' victory.

Aguero opened City excellence in the 70th minute. The Argentine striker's successful use of breakthrough bait from David Silva. His kick toward the right corner of goal could not reach Ryan.

.Sergio Aguero scored the opening goal of Manchester City's victory over Brighton and Holve Albion. (REUTERS / Hannah McKay) Five minutes later, Manchester Blue back ahead of the host. Brighton's own goalscoring defender, Lewis Dunk.

Dunk wrong anticipate Fernandinho cross from the right side. Instead of dispels, the ball just go into the goal Ryan at once ensure City 2-0 victory.
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This victory makes the City temporarily in second place standings and lost one goal difference from Huddersfield Town who previously successfully silenced the Crystal palace 3-0.

Composition of Players:

Brighton & Hove Albion: Matthew Ryan (PG); Bruno, Shane Duffy, Lewis Dunk, Mark Suttner; Solomon March, Dale Stephens, Davy Proepper, Isaiah Brown; Pascal Gross, Tomer Hemed

Manchester City: Ederson Moraes (PG); Vincent Kompany, John Stones, Nicolas Otamendi; Fernandinho; Kyle Walker, Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Danilo; Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus (jun)

Friday, 11 August 2017

Kenya Still Hot After the Presidential Election

 Suhu politik di Kenya semakin memanas menjelang pemilu serentak yang akan diadakan 8 Agustus 2017. Dua kubu calon presiden sama-sama menabuh genderang perang. Sejumlah lembaga polling di Kenya menyatakan kekuatan incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta dan lawannya, Raila Odinga saat ini berimbang.
Duta Besar Indonesia di Nairobi Soehardjono Sastromihardjo mengatakan KBRI terus memantau perkembangan situasi keamanan di Kenya menjelang pemilu. ''Kondisinya sangat rawan. Kami menyiapkan evakuasi bagi warga negara Indonesia di Kenya,'' kata Soehardjono saat ditemui Jawa Pos di KBRI Nairobi.
Jumlah warga di Indonesia di Kenya, kata Soehardjono, sekitar 150 orang. Itu termasuk keluarga KBRI. Mereka tersebar di Nairobi, Mombasa, dan Eldoret. Pihak KBRI telah menghubungi semua WNI dan meminta mereka tinggal sementara di KBRI menjelang Pemilu. Soehardjono berharap pada 6 Agustus semua WNI sudah berada di Nairobi. ''Kami siapkan tempat di kantor KBRI. Kalau tidak cukup bisa di Wisma KBRI,'' katanya.
Ada kemungkinan tidak semua WNI bisa dievakuasi. Soehardjono lantas mencontohkan ada suster dari Indonesia yang berada di Eldoret masih menuggu izin dari atasannya. Mereka juga bingung dengan nasib calon suster di sana bila meninggalkan Eldoret. Untuk kasus seperti itu, pihak KBRI tidak bisa memaksa. 
KBRI merasa perlu melakukan langkah antisipasi mengingat kerusuhan besar terjadi pada pemilu 2012. Saat itu data resmi menyebutkan kematian mencapai 1500 orang. Namun data tidak resmi yang beredar menyebut angka dua kali lipatnya. 
Potensi kerusuhan terjadi setelah penghitungan suara. Diperkirakan, penghitungan suara akan berakhir pada 9 Agustus. Penghitungan suara dilakukan secara elektronik. Dua kubu juga memiliki tim IT untuk memantau pelaksanaan penghitungan tersebut.  ''Tentu kami berharap pemilu Kenya berakhir damai. Tapi kami tidak ingin ada WNI yang terjebak ketika terjadi situasi keamanan yang tidak kondusif,'' ujarnya.
Berita-berita di televisi dan koran di Kenya memang gencar memberitakan kampanye dua calon presiden ini. Kubu Raila menantang Uhuru untuk melakukan debat terbuka. Namun Uhuru menolak karena baginya debat hanya membuang-buang waktu. Anak dari presiden pertama Kenya Jomo Kenyatta itu memilih turun ke daerah-daerah untuk menyapa rakyat. 
Selain harus mendapatkan suara minimal 51 persen, presiden terpilih juga setidaknya meraih 25 persen suara di 24 countie. Pemilu Kenya juga memilih anggota parlemen, senator dan gubernur. Tidak heran bila Nairobi dan kota-kota lain di Kenya penuh dengan baliho dan tanda gambar peserta pemilu.

ISIS Use eBay to Distribute its Terror Fund to the US

The man in his early 30s, Mohamed Elshinawy who was arrested in Maryland in an FBI surveillance operation, pledged his loyalty to ISIS and had pretended to sell computer printers on eBay. Later it was known that the sale as a way to send money to ISIS via PayPal. The money is alleged to fund terror attacks.

The recently opened FBI trial statement, filed in federal court in Baltimore, accused Elshinawy as a global network stretching from the UK to Bangladesh using a similar scheme to fund ISIS.

Elshinawy's activities, according to the FBI, are directed by a senior ISIS figure who is now dead in Syria, Siful Sujan.

Elshinawy told investigators that he was instructed to use the money for operational purposes in the United States for example for terror attacks.

The case demonstrates how ISIS tries to capitalize on every hole in the vast online financial world to finance terror outside its territory.

An eBay spokeswoman insists his company does not tolerate criminal acts in his business. "We are working with law enforcement to bring this person to the law," he said as quoted by NPR, August 11, 2017.

Long ago, ISIS reportedly sold 2,000-year-old artifacts that it looted through eBay. Quoting, March 15, 2015, eBay later removed the historic products of ISIS spoils and was willing to cooperate with the security apparatus to capture the perpetrators.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Fighting Half Nude ... 5 Facts of Women's Gladiator Scattered

Ancient Roman gladiators may be the most masculine figure in history. But not many people know of the gladiators of women (gladiatrix) who also fought in the Colosseum.

Most gladiators fought without the upper garments, so the gladiatrix also fought without topless, despite wearing helmets and shin bones. Wire used was sober and easily exposed while fighting.

According to some historians, the near-naked state is not for erotic purposes, just a practical reason. But of course the entertainment itself for the audience which mostly consists of men.

Women are also not allowed to attend training camps for male gladiators so there are a handful of studying gladiatrix in games and social clubs as well as the current scouting movement.

The line of life of the girl of that day was determined by her father, including in the search for a husband - and possibly to learn to fight. If his father died when she was a child, he was legally obliged to pay for a tutor, who might also be asked to teach a fight.

Women are no longer allowed to fight as gladiators since 200 AD under the ban by Emperor Septimius by watching the Olympics in Greece. Women born without independence are no longer gladiators.

But, as extracted from on Thursday (08/10/2017) here are some interesting facts about the gladiatrix:

1. Entertainment Interlude

The gladiator battle is packed full of style and the fighters are trained to make their combat as well as entertainment for the audience.

Since such a spectacle survived for 1,000 years, it was sought to keep it from being boring, similar to the WWE modern wrestling show narrated, the costumes, and the like.

No wonder that eventually the women were included into a gladiator. Initially, the female gladiator becomes a sexual attraction and a distraction for bloody fights, such as the battle of gladiatrix against a dwarf or a boar to invite the laughter of the audience.

2. Expression of Revolt
Many free men decide to become gladiators because they want to be famous, praised by people, or the chance to get prize money. Women are like that.

In fact, most female gladiators choose the job consciously. For single women, it is a way to earn income and become a celebrity in the community. If you win the fight, he will be financially independent and no longer obey the orders of his father, husband, or mentor.

Aulus Cornelius Celsus was an author of the medical encyclopaedia of Ancient Rome. He writes of a female gladiator he calls "nista", then challenges men to imagine their wives coming home with armor and gladiator gear.

Such a display is perceived as a threat to the role of men in decent society. Celcus essentially calls women gladiators vulgar and unlike women. For her, a woman who chooses to be a gladiator means rebelling against society.

3. Considered Equivalent to CSWs

The male gladiators who achieve their freedom continue normal life with their wives and family. If he used to be a prisoner of war, most of them went home to family and friends.

On the other hand, women gladiator fighters are seen as "unofficial misconduct" so that they become socially disadvantaged pariahs and excluded from the world of matchmaking.

Especially since gladiatrix fights almost naked, so its status becomes similar to a commercial sex worker or strippers.

In fact, all gladiators - both male and female - are classified in the same kind of work as prostitutes. Gladiators are seen as someone who sells their bodies for entertainment so their legal rights are equated with sex workers.

In Rome, women usually married young. If a woman comes from a wealthy family, marriage is usually arranged by her father. If a wife misbehaves, the couple is divorced and the woman is forbidden to marry again.

Thus, if his father rejects him, she is destined to live a life of poverty. Even the August emperor also expelled his daughter, Julia, when she found out that the woman had several lovers.

Although there are no diaries or notes about the lives of women gladiators, it is conceivable that there is a woman who chooses a violent lifestyle because it may have been forbidden to marry due to an affair in the past.

It is also possible that lesbians make it their only choice to escape because they do not want to be forced to marry a man.

4. Gladiatrix Tomb
In 2000, some archaeologists discovered the tomb of a woman in her 20s near the amphitheater in London. The young woman was in good shape and showed no signs of illness. His tomb is also decorated with the trinkets of a gladiator.

There is also a remnant of food that is commonly eaten in a funeral ceremony that runs complicated. Then there are some valuable trinkets behind his grave.

The cemetery was not for everyone, so scholars suspect it was the tomb of a gladiatrix they dubbed "Gladiator Girl" because there was no record of his name.

According to Roman rule, gladiators and other poor people are not allowed to be taken out of town to be buried in a proper cemetery. The fact that the woman was given a good funeral near the game hall shows that she is loved and cared for, regardless of her status.

5. Female Slave Show
Each Roman emperor had his own desire for entertainment held in the Colosseum that was not only used for gladiator battles.

Warrior prisoners are trained as gladiators so that they have at least a chance of survival.

But, talking about slave girls, they are not that lucky. Emperor Nero ordered that women and children of Ethiopian descent hunt - or hunted - wild animals in the arena.

Gladiatorial battles against tigers or bears are commonplace, as well as being a way of capital punishment for convicts. They are only equipped with small daggers to defend themselves.

The Domitian emperor had an idea how to use women in the Colosseum. He searched for female slaves and ordered them to fight to death at night which was only lit by torches around the battlefield.

2 'Doomsday' Signs Associated with the Sun Eclipse 2017

BEN PENGETAUAN,-The total 2017 solar eclipse known as "The Great American Eclipse" will be one of the greatest scientific and astronomical events ever in the United States in the last 100 years.

However, rather than accepting it as a rare and beautiful cosmic event, certain groups are convinced that the eclipse is a series of events leading to the end of the world.
Quoted from Inquisitr on Thursday (10/08/2017), mentioned that the page has been investigating the fact that there are groups who believe that the eclipse has been prophesied in the Bible related to the end of the world. The intended group includes those who write and trust writing on the Unsealed website, for example.

Apparently there are several reasons besides what is presented in Unsealed that makes some people - including a handful of Christians and conspiracy theorists - to be ecstatic to face the eclipse later.

1. 'September 23 Sign' or 'Revelation 12 Sign'

The word "Revelation" here refers to the book of Revelation, the last passage in the Bible.

If we browse "September 23 Sign" on YouTube, then we can see there are some videos that try to associate the eclipse with the astronomical events that will follow on 23 September.

It is mentioned that the alignment of the planets and stars of the day is the subject of Revelation 12, verses 1 and 2 of the Bible.

"(1) Then a great sign appeared in the heavens: A woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. (2) She was pregnant and in her complaints and sufferings about to give birth to her Screaming in pain. "

On that day, the sun will be in the constellation (cluster of stars) Virgo - ie virgin or virgin. The moon will be near the foot of Virgo, Jupiter is in Virgo, while Venus, Mars,

As mentioned in EarthSky, those positions are true, It's a pretty sight, but it's not really that important either.

Even the book "Answers in Genesis" (AiG) mentions nothing so important to the incident - at least in the case of the apocalypse.

In fact, the AiG book was written by some who believe that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and literally believes in creation for 6 days.

More than that, according to AiG, the constellation Leo has more than 9 stars, depending on the constellation map used as a reference.

Moreover, we understand that the constellation of Leo is merely the lines on the map drawn by humans thousands of years ago. Each of the stars included in the Leo cluster is several light-years away.

Bring a Security System, When Will BlackBerry Open an Office in Indonesia?

Cyber ​​security system has become the main focus of BlackBerry. As a concrete step, the Canadian technology company will bring its software that moves in the field of cybersecurity.

They claim, this software will be destined for smartphones. More precisely for corporate and government actors.

Executive Chairman and CEO John Chen is known to be in the middle of discussions with the government - in this case with the Minister of Communications and Informatics (Menkominfo) Rudiantara - to discuss cyber security system solutions in the form of software they will offer to the government.

Although not yet to be hammered, Menkominfo Rudiantara said it was interested in the offer of cyber security system solutions provided BlackBerry.

However, they have not been able to decide whether this solution can be used or not. If so, will BlackBerry seriously cultivate its business enterprise by opening an office in Indonesia?

Chen did not answer whether the BlackBerry will open an office in Indonesia or not, if indeed later sibernya security solutions will be used in the country.

To be sure, it will study the requirements of the enterprise market in Indonesia. Only then can it be decided whether to establish an office here or not.

"I spend my time studying the requirements of the enterprise market in Indonesia, because Indonesia is a market attached to consumers, many consumers come from teenagers, the population is huge," said B2B business-to-business potential will grow better " Chen told Tekno at SCTV Tower on Thursday (08/10/2017).

Chen explained, the growth of B2B business model

US Defense Strengthen Trump Signal on North Korea's Nuclear Threats

BEN PENGETAUAN,-United States Defense Minister Jim Mattis issued a blatant warning to North Korea today by stating Pyongyang must stop any action that would lead to "the end of the regime and the destruction of its people."

Mattis' strongest statement to North Korea came after President Donald Trump's scathing remarks the day before that threats to the United States from North Korea would be answered with "attacks and anger".

The threat of Trump triggered a North Korean response that they are now considering launching a Guam Island missile strike in the Pacific that enters US territory.

Mattis insisted that the US and its allies would win whatever arms race or conflict against North Korea.

"DPRK (North Korea) must choose between isolating themselves or undoing nuclear weapons hunting," Mattis said as quoted by Antara.

"The DPRK should stop considering any action that will lead to the end of the regime and the destruction of its people," he added.

Earlier, United States President Donald Trump said his country would respond with "gunfire and anger" if North Korea continues to threaten the US is an unplanned and spontaneous statement, a top US government official familiar with the matter said.

"That's a Trump statement," said another US government official who also declined to be named.

A day earlier after North Korea emerged about Guam's US territory in the Pacific, Trump said, "North Korea should not continue to threaten the United States, they will face shots and anger that the world has never seen before."

US officials and analysts fear the war of rhetoric with Pyongyang who had previously said it was considering firing missiles at Guam Island.

The senior US government official in charge of the North Korean issue told Reuters: "The Trump Presidential Statement was unplanned and spontaneous."

"There is no discussion of the extension of the rhetoric to respond to North Korean leader Kim (Jong Un) statement or about the possible impact of doing so," said the official who asked not to be named.

"Nevertheless, it is important for North Korea to know that the country's strategic patience (US) has its limits and that it is our responsibility to defend our allies no matter what the way it is done."

Privately, two US officials who also asked for his name were not mentioned saying President Trump's threat did not help and threatened the unexpected response of the North Korean leader.

The threat also risks alienating two US allies - Japan and South Korea - as well as sparking hostilities from China and Russia, both of which are expected by Washington to suppress Kim to stop its nuclear weapons program reaching the US mainland.

US time Wednesday, Trump tried to calm the situation that he hoped US nuclear need not be used (to stop North Korea)

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Winger Chelsea Admitted Approached MU

BEN PENGETAUAN,-Winger Chelsea, Willian, claimed to be approached by Manchester United (MU) in the transfer market this summer. However, he is not sure Chelsea will want to sell it.

"MU contacted my agent but nothing happened because Chelsea were reluctant to negotiate," said Willian, quoted by the Daily Mail.

Willian admitted close to Jose Mourinho who now handles the Red Devils. They created a respectful relationship during their stay at Stamford Bridge.

Under Mourinho's command, the 29-year-old won the English Premier League and the English Premier League edition 2014/2015. Willian was also voted the club's best player.

However, his performance declined when Antonio Conte came. Willian lost his place in the first team from Pedro Rodriguez.

These conditions provoke the reunion of Willian and Mourinho reunion at MU. "We respect each other, but now I focus on Chelsea," he said

Praise Conte

Arriving from Shakhtar Donetsk in 2013, Willian has defended Chelsea in 181 matches. He contributed 13 goals. In addition to Mourinho, Willian also achieved success with Conte last season.

"Conte brought Chelsea the English Premier League champions in his first campaign showing his ability, both he and Mourinho are both qualified coaches," added Willian.

Full English League Result Last Night

The 35th week of the English League held four matches on the last day of April, Sunday (4/30/2017). The big clubs went down last night. Manchester United and Arsenal have to bend their heads down.

MU again failed to win when competing at Old Trafford. This time the Red Devils were forced to draw 1-1 by guests lower club club, Swansea City.
Had a 1-0 lead first through a penalty Wayne Rooney, Manchester United had to settle for a draw after Gylfi Sigurdsson scored with a free kick.

City rivals Manchester City must also be content to pick a number. City were held 2-2 by Middlesbrough. The Citizens even almost lost.

Twice City left behind Middlesbrough. Lucky goals from Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus able to make a balanced score 2-2.

Meanwhile Arsenal achieve negative results in the Derby London

North. London cannon beat Tottenham Hotspur 0-2. Tottenham's two goals scored midfielder Dele Alli and striker Harry Kane.

Tottenham could even have won a lot more if Petr Cech did not perform brilliantly under the Arsenal goalkeeper.

One other match bring Everton with Premier League standings Chelsea. The Blues successfully party at Goodison Park with a three-goal victory without reply. The three Chelsea goals scored Pedro Rodriguez, Gary Cahill and Willian.

Lindelof Still Worrying

BEN PENGATAUAN,-Not the debut desired by Victor Lindelof when Manchester United appear in the European Super Cup. Lindelof called so the culprit defeat of the Red Devils.

Lindelof imported MU from Benfica with a tag of 30 million pounds sterling which makes it one of the club's most expensive purchases this summer. The arrival of Lindelof is expected to strengthen MU's back line is considered not yet tough.

Despite Eric Bailly, Manchester United have no proper companion for the Ivory Coast defender from Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Daley Blind, and even Marcos Rojo. So Lindelof was considered would be the right partner for Bailly.

Hope was at least evident in the preseason session with Lindelof able to perform well in six matches that passed by MU. So the game against Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup, Wednesday (9/8/2017) pm dawn earlier, so a preliminary test for Lindelof, if he deserved reliable on the back line.

Unfortunately, Lindelof's debut in the unbeatable official match when MU lost 1-2 from Madrid where the 23-year-old defender was considered one of the reasons why his team failed to become European Super Cup winners.

Casemiro's first Madrid goal, albeit an offside, was thanks to Lindelof's side who failed to keep his opponent's moves. Casemiro easily accepted Dani Carvajal's stomach bait and hacked into David De Gea's nets.

In the game, Whoscored noted Lindelof had a total of four tackles, one intercept, and five strokes. There are 19 baits released by him with an accuracy of 84.2 percent.

Lindelof performance is as if repeating what he did in the pre-season game when Manchester met Madrid. At that time, Lindelof considered dropping Theo Hernandez in a duel and led to a penalty for Madrid.

"I think the new players MU appear okay where Romelu Lukaku as attackers, Nemanja Matic in midfield, and Lindelof in the back," said former manager of Crystal Palace pandit who became pandit Sky Sports, Alan Pardew.

"They need a central defender again considering Lindelof's performance against Real is worth highlighting and there's a bit of concern related to him in last season's pre-season," he continued.

"Many of their players in that sector are injured, Smalling has never played a full season and Jones is always injured, so the pressure for Lindelof is so great."

"For now, I think he will have trouble, Benfica and the Portuguese League are not as challenging as the Premier League, the intensity is so high and the pressure for the center-back will be very troublesome."

"You need to be able to face the opponent in a one-on-one situation because the other players are all attacking when facing a defensive opponent." Lindelof is worried about a one-on-one duel. "

"He is very bad in the face of Real Madrid.For the goodness of Manchester United, Lindelof should immediately improve its performance," he concluded

Fourth Finish Not Too Bad for Rossi

BEN PENGETAUAN,-Valentino Rossi admitted he was not very good in the race with two different conditions. Even so, he was not too disappointed with the results of the Czech Republic MotoGP.

The competition at Brno Circuit on Sunday (6/8/2017), begins in damp conditions. The rider was wearing a wet tire when starting. However, shortly after the start, the track dries quickly. The pebalap began to enter the pit to replace the bike and wear slick tires.
Rossi just entered the pits at the end of the fifth lap. Meanwhile, some rivals have done it earlier, such as Marc Marquez (after two laps), as well as Dani Pedrosa and Maverick Vinales (entering the pits on lap four).

Although late to replace the bike, the Movistar Yamaha rider was slowly able to improve his position. From 14th position on the sixth lap, he finally finished in fourth after overtaking Cal Crutchlow on the last lap.

Rossi admits he has miscalculated. But, according to him some of his team is also wrong because it does not give a signal for himself to enter the pit.

"I'm really excited because usually I'm a fool.This time we have four or five We share the name of 'donkey' As I said, this time we are somewhat less fortunate," said Rossi at

"It's always difficult in this condition with flag-to-flag, of course this is not my strong point, this kind of race.In the end, the race results are not too bad.we have improved a lot from other flag-to-flags.I am fourth finish. Think before the end of my career we can conquer this flag-to-flag race, "he added.

Rossi feels will get better results if the track conditions do not change in the middle of the race. However, he remains grateful for an additional 13 points as the fourth finish.

"In the end, the result is not so bad, I think in a full or dry full race I can compete for the podium but this is a good weekend because I work well I feel comfortable with the bike and I am tough in wet conditions Dry, "said Rossi.

"The race is very difficult, I'm trying very hard from the beginning to the end, it's a shame because we could have gotten more points and got on the podium, but it's like this." Considering his condition, the fourth position is not too bad, "he said.

With this result, Rossi remained in the fourth position of the pebalap. However, he is now 22 points behind Marquez who leads the standings.

Exhibition Photos Again Vacation, House Hilary Duff instead burglarized

Holiday moments are always the most exciting and fun times. However, what if the disaster comes when you are having fun? Well, that's what new artist Hilary Duff has just experienced.

Fun vacationing to Canada, Hilary's house located in Los Angeles was successfully burglarized thieves on Thursday (20/7) then, as quoted from BuzzFeed. Inevitably this news directly succeeded in making public and also the media.

Many are curious what items are stolen and there are injured victims of this incident. Luckily, one of Hilary's spokesmen revealed that no one was hurt when the thief was in action because his house was empty.
"It's a horrible thing to disappoint people, but Hilary is grateful that her family, employees, house and pets are safe," she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Hilary spokesman also added if the current home of the actress is in tight security. In the future, Hilary will add security systems at home for free thieves and the like.

TMZ had time to report if the thief managed to seize luxury jewelry worth hundreds to thousands of dollars. In addition to Hilary, previously there were also many celebrities who experienced similar incidents. They are Nicki Minaj, Rocky ASAP, Alanis Morissette, and many more.

Mel Gibson Luxury Mansion For Sale Rp 396 Billion

Known as one of the most legendary actors, you no longer need to doubt about Mel Gibson's wealth assets. This HACKSAW RIDGE star can easily get everything he wants
But apparently, Mel recently reportedly has sold a magnificent mansion located in the region Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Unmitigated, luxury dwelling was priced at no less than US $ 29.75 million or equivalent to Rp 396 billion.
Curious dong what kind of appearance? Just look at one corner of the house in the photo below. The impression of tropical and exotic was so felt from the sightings outside the building is located very close to this beach
With its unique and tropical design, this one residence really fits into the right place for the holidays. Moreover, this building is also divided into 3 villas that are so spacious and of course magnificent.
Mentioned if this house is equipped with 11 bedrooms complete with the same number of toilets. Not only that, there is also a large swimming pool and sunbathing areas that fit to gather with family.

his residence had previously stolen Mel's attention when he was busy filming APOCALYPTO in 2006 ago. So, are you also interested in staying in this magnificent mansion priced at this exorbitant price?

David and Victoria Beckham are known as one of the harmonious families in Hollywood

BEN PENGETAUAN,-David and Victoria Beckham are known as one of the harmonious families in Hollywood. Although several times hit by the issue of household cracks, but both are able to successfully face the ordeal and become one of the families who have many fans.

In everyday life, David and Victoria also often show the cohesiveness with their four hearts. In addition to often invite them to walk or just eat together, their families are also seen doing physical activities together.

As caught on paparazzi cameras over the weekend, David invites his kids to play golf in Los Angeles. On that occasion, David had time to show his gentle nature to his daughter, Harper.

I do not know what really happened until the former football player brought his face to Harper. But as quoted from The Sun page, David allegedly trying to calm his exhausted daughter while playing.

Throughout outing, Harper did not really participate in the game. Not interested in putting the ball using a stick, Harper just looks happy to accompany his family who looks fun to play.

Not only Harper David invited to play golf together at the time, but also Romeo and Cruz. While Brooklyn and Victoria invisible stem nose.

Gold Can Be Used in Cancer Treatment

BEN PENGETAUAN,-Small gold grains can be used in the fight against cancer, according to a new study.
Scientists at the University of Edinburgh, UK found that the precious metal increases the effectiveness of drugs used to treat lung cancer cells.

Very small fragments, known as gold nanoparticles, are chemically wrapped by the research team.

Contaminated with mercury, green shells from the Bay of Jakarta cause cancer
A number of facts about cervical anti-cancer vaccine
Accelerated, vaccine manufacture for three deadly viruses
This new study is based on experiments on zebra fish but the team hopes this technique can be used to develop human treatment efforts.

Gold is a safe element that can accelerate-or catalyze-chemical reactions.

It is expected that such a method could someday be used to reduce the side effects of current chemotherapy treatments by targeting ailing cells without damaging healthy tissue.

Cancer is difficult to treat
Dr Asier Unciti-Broceta, from the British Cancer Research Center in Edinburgh said: "We have discovered new properties of previously unknown gold and our findings show that the metal can be used to release drugs in the tumor very safely.

"There is still a lot to be done before we can use this method in patients, but this study is a step forward.We hope that a similar tool in humans may one day be implanted by the surgeon to enable chemotherapy directly on the tumor and reduce the effects Dangerous to healthy organs. "

Members of the Australian House of Representatives Curhat Matter Denied Supermarket

BENPENGETAUAN,-A member of the Australian House of Representatives who is also a famous peasant figure, Andrew Broad, expressed his greeting for claiming to be banned from selling his sheep to one of Coles' big supermarket chains.

Members of the House of Representatives of the Mallee election district in the interior of Victoria, has 120 sheep ready for sale. His agent told him Coles had bought the sheep for a good price.

However, Andrew said, when his agent contacted Coles, the meat section at the supermarket said "I will not buy from him". The Coles employee, too, he said, would not accept meat from Andrew.

"Obviously they are not free from the desire to use their market power to gain political advantage," Andrew Broad told ABC.

Politicians from the National Party in coalition with the government have accused Coles of not buying his sheep because of his criticism of the supermarket's actions to other politicians.

"By 2014, Coles has written a letter to every federal lawmaker regarding their downs and downs and how good it is to drive consumer prices down," he said.

(Coles Supermarket in Australia has been running a discount program called 'down, down' - ed.)

Andrew said he denied Coles' claims through correspondence with his fellow MPs.

"The program eliminates millions of dollars from the dairy industry and cheap food in the eyes of consumers," he said.

In a statement, Coles spokesman explained:

"Coles really supports the professionalism shown by our meat purchases, our purchases are based on commercial decisions, and Coles relies on very strong sheep producers throughout Australia, most of whom are old suppliers. (We can) convince Broad that his position as a member Parliament is not relevant to our commercial decision-making. "

Ozil and Gundogan met the German President after being criticized for taking pictures with Erdogan

23 May 2018 Ben Pengetauan Two Turkish national football players Mezut Ozil and Ilkay Gundogan have met German President Frank-Walter Stei...